Took Some Time Off

Hey Guys,

I know it as been awhile since Ive posted but I had a few things going on that took some of my time. I took a few steps back from all types of social media. My grandma was sick for a long time and passed away. While she was sick I took care of her and took sometime off of school. This was a really hard time for me because she was like a mother to me. She raised me and helped take care of my mother. She was my best friend who I called 3 times a day. The days she passed I was very heart broken but also happy she was not suffering anymore. She had breast cancer that spread to her bones and then spread all over. She put up a great fight.

She passed the beginning of the fall semester so I decided to stay home and just get my self together and help my family out.  After taking a small break, I am finally ready to start blogging again. I took time away from everything until I knew I was ready to do day to day activities again. I am ready, and I am going to start posting every Friday and Sunday.

Here's to more blog post and a start to a great week!!  See you guys Friday.




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