About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jalina aka Jill.  I love food, clothes, make up and chemistry.  I am kind of like a well rounded nerd with style.  I make YouTube videos about food, make up and fashion and more.

Why I Started This Blog:

I started this blog because I could not make YouTube videos for awhile. To substitute for doing YouTube, I stated a blog. This blog is about make up,hair,fashion and much more.

If your following me from Blogger to here, I switched from Blogger because I just wanted to design my blog like I wanted and not have any restrictions on how it looked.  I absolutely love blogger but this is what worked out for me.

More About Me:

I am going going to school for my biology and biochemistry degree. After I get my undergrad degree, I want to go to medical school and do medical research. I knew since I was 6 years old, that I wanted to be a doctor and it is mind blowing that I am in the process of becoming a doctor now.

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