Michael’s Planners Haul

Hey Guys Happy New Year.  Since it is a new year I was in a mood to get some new things for my planner.  Many of you guys may know my Day Designer planner fell apart a month and a half after I got it. I have a post explaining what happened to my first Day Designer in an up coming post.   Since I got  a new day designer replacement I did not  want the same thing to happen to my new planner that I was not able to use until January 2018.  I was on a hunt for a binder cover for my planner.  Michael's had a huge planner sale 30% off planners and they had 50% off of Happy planner items.   Here are some of the items I bought.

I am so excited to try these out for my Day Designer and Heidi swap planner. I am go to do a 2018 set up and show you how I am going to use these in a future post.  Did you guys get anything for 2018 for your planner or did you even get a new planner for the new year?  If so I would love to know what you got in the comments down below.  Thank you so much for reading until next time.



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