Day Designer for BlueSky Target 2017 Edition

I absolutely love day designer planners they are so fun, cute and very functional. I got mine from target last year in 2016. I had the 2016-2017 mid year planner and absolutely fell in love.  This is why I had to get the 2017-2018 planner.  I love getting mine from target because it is so much cheaper than the flagship collection from the website.   I also like the layout from Target a lot better than from the Flagship collection because it has larger writing blocks.

When you purchase any planner from day designer your not just getting a planner you’re  getting an experience.  If you follow them on any of their  social media, you know how they always seem to help you find a way of use any of there planners to it’s full potential. I must say Whitney English who is the creator of Day Designer, is such an inspirational person to me.  She is always trying to find a way to motivate and create a better you.  She tries to help with getting rid of bad habits, learning how to budget and being productive and so much more. I must say she creates such a wonderful environment for the planner community and I am so happy to be apart of it.

The planner I picked is kind of like the original planner that they offer from the flagship collection from the  website, it is the daily/ monthly planner.  I really like the layout, style and functionality. The one thing I like about this planner it is the same from last year.  I must say I am a creature of habit and I really like everything the same when it comes to planners.

Reasons Why I love This Daily/ Monthly Planner:

  1. Style
    • The First thing I love about it is that is cute. It is very clean and chic.  I was kind of disappointed they didn’t offer that same style that I had from 2016 cover for this type of planner.  I had the gold leopard print for 2016-2017 mid year planer.  This year I have the blue stripe planner.
    • I must say each planner has it’s own cute design inside.
  2. Layout
    • I absolutely love the layout of this planner, it is so for me.  I love having a schedule book with a to-do list.  If you have seen my 2015 planner video, you know I was using 2 planners because I could never find a planner that had a schedule book and a planner in one.  I kept finding them separately.  I must say this planner has made my life so much easier, I get to keep everything in one book.
    • Today’s Top 3
      • I love that is has today’s top 3 tasks.  Lets be honest we all have at least 3 things that we need to do for the day.   This  is an absolute must to stay productive.
    • Check Off Boxes
      • There is nothing better than being able to check something off and having the feeling of completion.
    • Notes:
      • Is a nice place to write down notes through out the day.
  3. Durable.
    • I tend to be very hard on my planners.  I take my planner with me everywhere in my book bag and purse.  I love the fact that it has a really hard cover to protect the front cover, so it will not scratch very easy or if I spill something on it I can just wipe it off.
  4. Gratitude:
    • I like that this planner has a daily and weekly gratitude section.  I actually have a gratitude journal that I like to write everything that I am thankful for.  This helps me out when I am not able to write in it everyday and I am able to write a few things I am grateful for that day that happened to me or what I am thankful for.
    • This is a great way to start out your day.
  5. Positive and Inspirational Daily Quotes:
    • Nothing is better than starting your day off right with a positive and motivational quote of the day.  These quotes keep me motivated through out the day.
  6. Educational:
    • Even if you do not follow Day Designer on social media. In beginning of the planner, they teach you how to use the planner, how to be productive, goal setting and how to stay on track with things.
    • This is one of the reasons why I love these planners they help keep you motivated and stay productive.
    • You really get a high quality planner that teaches you things that could take with you for a life time.
  7. Anything I do not like?
    • The only thing I do not like is that the weekends do not have a todo list.  Monday through Friday they have their  own page except for the weekends.  This is why they do not have a to do list.  I wish every Saturday and Sunday had their own page, but this just gives me an excuse to use cute post-it instead.

Overall I must say this is my favorite planner for going back to school and working.  I work and go to school full time.  It is so nice to have a planner that can organize everything into one for me.  I can finally say I found my favorite cute functional planner all in one.

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All thoughts and options are my own.  I purchased this product with my own money.   I am not affiliated with any of the products above.

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